Seek, Serve and Follow Christ

The aim of the Girls’ Brigade is to help girls to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through self control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life.


The Girls’ Brigade is an international and interdenominational Christian youth organisation. It was founded in 1893 in Dublin, Ireland.

Three names are linked to the beginning of the Girls’ Brigade in Malaysia. They are Mrs. Elsie Lyne, Miss Agnes Richards and Miss Joyce Lovell. Mrs. Elsie Lyne was then with Singapore YMCA where Mr. Lyne was then the Director of YMCA. Miss Agnes Richards was in Kulai – incharge of building up the Presbyterian work. Miss Joyce Lovell was also stationed in Kulai where she ministered to the community as a Christian nurse and mid-wife. These ladies were responsible for getting together other ladies from other denominations to share about the Girls’ Brigade. As all of them came from England, Girls’ Brigade materials and ideas were imported from London.

Foursquare Programme

All girls go through our foursquare programme catered for the wholesome development of girls.



Her understanding of Christian living through learning from Scripture, seeing how Christianity works in the lives of others and participation in church activities



Her knowledge and skills, finding meaningful activities and interests through achievements



Equipping herself with the know-hows on leading an active lifestyle to maintain physical health and well-being, as well as to have fun



An understanding of herself in relation to others and the community in which she lives by becoming part of a team, working in small groups on achievements and projects, carrying out service projects for the community as well as through leadership training

Aim, Motto & Principle

The aim of the the Girls’ Brigade, an international and interdenominational Christian organisation shall be:
To help girls to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility, to find true enrichment of life.

Seek, serve and follow Christ

The Girls’ Brigade acknowledges Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord according to the Scriptures and seeks to fulfil its aim to the glory of one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Brigade witnesses to the standard set by Jesus Christ and gives positive teaching on the Christian attitude to life. The Brigade promotes a just society where all people are equally valued.

EXCO Members 2018-2020

National Chaplain : Bishop Dr Ong Hwai Teik

National President : Adv Tnay Yong Hua (1st Sibu)

Vice-President(West) : LT Michelle Ong (1st KL)

Vice-President(East) : Adv Lau Mee Ting (3rd Kuching)

National Secretary : Adv Katryn Tan (2nd Kuala Lumpur)

Asst National Secretary : LT Violet Soon (1st Kuching)

National Treasurer : Adv Chieng Yu La (1st Limbang)

Asst National Treasurer : LT Veronica Liong (2nd Kuala Lumpur)

Equipment Officer : LT Tamie Chan (4th Kuala Lumpur)

Asst Equipment  Officer : Adv Kong Mee Lin (9th Sibu)

Cadet Officer : LT Teo Ai Ling (2nd Kuching)

Publicity Officer : LT Marilyn Chong (1st Kuching)

Drill Officer : LT Jovie Voo (2nd Kota Kinabalu)

Editor : LT Cindy Chow (3rd Kuching)

Northern Region Rep : Capt Dr Wong Chow Lan (1st Ipoh)

Central Region Rep : Capt Elizabeth Naidu (3rd Kuala Lumpur)

Southern Region Rep : Capt Grace Lee (1st Johor Bahru)

Sarawak Region Rep : LT Wong Huong Yung (6th Sibu)

Sabah Region Rep : Capt Doria Tai (2nd Kota Kinabalu)


Administrative Assistant : Ms Francesca Liong

GB Co-ordinator (Sarawak) : Ms Teo Lin Lin